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Ask Sharon
with the
Office Manager

Q: Hey Sharon, how can I get a new electronic keyfob?

A: Extra keyfobs are available for a deposit of $100, which will be refunded when you return the keyfob. Stop by the office and I'll set you up.

Q: Is there reserved parking for residents?

A: We have a lease program with the Marriott on First Street and Linden Avenue. Also, some residents use the pay lot across the street. Stop by the office for details.

Q: What about my bike?

A: Bicyclists may bring their bikes only in through the Broadway entrance and elevator, or the garden entrance and Campbell freight elevator. No bikes are to be brought in through the main lobby. There is a bike storage room on the fifth floor of the Broadway building (above the main laundry room).

Q: Is it okay to hang red bead curtains in all my windows?

A: In a word, no. Remember, the Rules & Regulations for the building allow only white or off-white window coverings to be used. This helps maintain a consistent look for our historic residence.

Q: What about trash pickup and recycling?

A: Trash cans are located on each floor, and are emptied daily. However, you must completely contain all trash in a plastic bag. No loose trash or boxes are allowed. Please be thoughtful...don't leave smelly trash near your neighbor's home!

Larger trash like empty boxes must be broken down and placed downstairs in one of the dumpsters in the back of the garden area.

The white dumpster in the garden area is reserved for all recycling (paper, glass, cardboard, plastic beverage containers, aluminum and tin cans). Please do not place trash in the white dumpster, only the blue dumpster.

Q: What else should I know?

A: The back gate is only to be used in an emergency! There is an alarm on it now, and a $100 fine for unauthorized use.

Shopping carts are not allowed inside the building. They are not to be left outside on the sidewalk, either! Please return them to the store.

Please review the Rules & Regulations once in a while to stay aware of what's allowed, and what isn't, at the Lafayette.