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owner/tenant forms


Welcome Letter to Lafayette Owners and Tenants

PDF DownloadEnclosed you will find the following forms that will need completion and return to the office prior to moving into the building.

Download Welcome Letter PDF


Lafayette Owner and Tenant Registration

PDF DownloadAll resident owners and tenants moving into the Lafayette are required to provide the requested information. If sharing a unit, each person must complete a form.

Download Registration Form PDF


Lafayette Rules & Regulations

PDF DownloadAs condominium residents, we at the Lafayette enjoy the many advantages of community living in a quality development. In exchange for these benefits we must adjust our activities in consideration for our neighbors.

Download Rules & Regulations PDF


Email Statement Authorization Agreement

PDF DownloadGet monthly statement sent via email. Save paper, time and the environment!

Download Statement Authorization PDF


Long Beach Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

PDF DownloadThe Cultural Heritage Commission is responsible for review of all exterior physical changes to designated historic landmarks and properties in historic districts, whether or not a building permit is required. Please use the attached application form to describe your project.

Download Certificate of Appropriateness Application PDF


Lafayette Gym Waiver

PDF DownloadLafayette has a gym with cardio and resistance machines as well as free weights. You need to sign a waiver before you can access the gym.

Download Gym Waiver PDF


Lafayette Solarium Reservation

PDF DownloadThe Solarium is on the 11th floor of the Campbell building and is available for events. It is limited to owners and tenants of the Lafayette and needs to be reserved in advance. A deposit is required.

Download Solarium Reservation PDF


Lafayette Committee Interest Form

PDF DownloadTo be on a committee you need to be a Homeowner in good standing, have ample time to commit, and skills, expertise or something relevant to bring to the table that can further the aim of the committee.

Download Committee Interest PDF


Lafayette Plumbing Maintenance Tips

PDF DownloadAs you know, living in a historic high rise can be wonderful, but given the age of our building we have to adapt to the building and its older plumbing. Below are some handy Lafayette plumbing tips.

Download Plumbing Tips PDF


Lafayette Homeowners Association Complaint Form

PDF DownloadThis is the Lafayette HOA Board of Directors official process for complaints to be addressed. All complaints will be confidential and timely handled.

Download Complaint Form PDF